Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Going Freelance!

So I've left my job of two years to strike out on my own as a freelancer! Very exciting. Luckily, working the last two years as equipment manager and in-house freelancer for a busy production services company is the best training I could have-- that on top of being a "video guy" since my teenage years. Those are long gone by the way, as I just turned 30 this past April!

Also, Jen and I are probably moving from Astoria to Brooklyn soon, so lots of changes in my life lately, but all positive. Also, a portion of my extra free time will now be devoted to re-blogging the last two years of my life, so I swear this time I really will be blogging regularly ;)


David August said...

Yea and congrats!

Gabe said...

congrats on both counts, dan!

now about those past two years of posts.... let's see 'em! :)