Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wow I suck at Blogging

It's amazing. I had like, what, 4-5 posts in 2005 and then one a year, missing 2008 completely. Now I only seem to come back here around major turns of events in my life. Looking back, 2005 was the year I left the business world and started working in TV and film, though it had always been a side interest. Then I worked at Atlantic TV until 2007, then freelancing in various camera department positions until now.

So what brings me back to the long lost blog? I've joined the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 as a Camera Assistant! That's hopefully a big step forward in my career, allowing me to work on bigger and better productions, as well as cementing my position as a supporter of workers rights. I'll let you know how it goes, probably in 2010.

I do have a plan to fill in the backlog of this blog, using notes and photographs I took on the various shoots I did during all the gaps in this online historical record.

But I guess I have mixed feelings about spilling my guts on the world wide web. I've had a web site since 2000, and now this so-called blog, a myspace, and a facebook page. But deep down I know that somewhere Google or the Government or some University is keeping records of everything ever posted on the web, so we should all do well to remember that anything we write online is part of the historical record-- maybe.

There is such a thing now, and I'm pretty sure I had some harsh words for our outgoing President on my front page back in 2004, so I guess maybe I've become more cautious with age.

But speaking of our former, worst-president-ever, I feel like a dark veil has been lifted from our land, much like the endless winter leaving the land of Narnia and hailing a golden age. So I'll take some inspiration from our new, hopefully-best-president-ever and vow to be more transparent, and dare-I-say, hopeful. I do hope I come back here more often, blogs are cool.

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David August said...

Congrats on joining the union!