Monday, August 15, 2005

Triumphant Return to Blogging

As my brother-in-law Pat once told me, you're not really a serious blogger unless you've blogged, left blogging, and then come back to blogging after a long spiritual journey. Well, I guess it hasn't been that long (I haven't posted since February and it is August now, so what, six months?) but I've been busy with my cool new television production job, meeting famous people and working various production roles for various TV shoots.

Stay tuned for cool pictures and cool posts about my cool life. I swear to you it will be cool.


JRae said...

And when exactly will we be seeing these cool things, you LIAR!! ;)

Maybe when your back is better and you can sit at the comp. without squealing in pain? ;)

David August said...

Two posts is a start at least.