Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gastineau Girls Premiere Party

These are some of my coworkers. Click here for more pics from the party.

So as Lisa Gastineau would say, there was lots of drama at the premiere party. The main fiasco was the audio feed kept popping in and out for a good percentage of the show's airing. Other than that, the only real issue was the free Champagne ran out an hour early.

But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves (I know I had a good time), and despite what Jen will tell you about the party and the show, I know she had a blast that night and she can't get enough of the Gastineau Girls. She watches the episodes over and over and she keeps asking me to bring home raw footage of the girls from work, but I'm too professional for that nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Finally! But where's the daughter?

Dan Merrill said...

She's in the background of pictures 3, 4, and 5.

JRae said...

I'm not stalker-azzi!! I was just drunk. :)

Pat, check out my blog, it's SOOO much better. ;)