Monday, February 14, 2005

Spring Break Pics Are Up!

This picture inspired me to get a haircut. Jen looks great though.

So I'm pretty psyched I took the time to learn how to get my iPhoto to build web pages out of my photo albums. Not like there was that much the learn, but now I have it down so I can put lots of pictures up on the web at once, which is handy because it's just too easy to keep snapping away on that digital camera.

Check out the pics of my fabulous Spring Break 2005!!

Thanks again to my wonderful parents for hosting the trip, and to my good friend Ethan for coming along, and to Jen for supplying the camera and taking many of the pics. Enjoy!


JRae said...

Nice slideshow! Did iPhoto do the "Previous, Next" links too on the individual pictures?

I'm gonna have to use this feature, I always want to put up more pictures than I can in a post.

You should've written more in the pictures to inform people who might not have been to the ranch or Steamboat before, some things were unexplained. But not much.

Nice job honey!! :)

loboinok said...

No! Don't cut your hair man! Jenn does look nice.