Saturday, February 05, 2005

Spring Break 2005!!!

So I'm off to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to visit my parents (Doc John and Nancy) and their dog Molly at the Yampavian Ranch. A week of skiing, snowboarding, hot-tubbing, and a host of other winter activities will make for good times, great oldies.

I've been going to Steamboat on spring and winter vacations since 1989 or so, skiing for many years and now snowboarding. My family lived in the Chicago area during my sister's and my own formative years, but I couldn't be happier that my folks are living out there full-time now. I mean, with Jen's parents living in Hawaii and mine in Colorado, how could I complain?

I haven't had a real Spring Break since 2000, when Joe, Jen and I drove from Vassar to Chicago, road-trip style. This trip is gonna kick ass, as my good friend and filmmaking cohort Ethan (photo at the bottom) will be coming along with Jen and me for what will surely be a memorable trip.

And if anyone working on Gastineau Girls is reading this, I assure you that I'd really rather be logging footage of Brittny and Lisa shopping than snowboarding and hot-tubbing for a week, but I had this trip booked long before I joined the show. Really, I'd stay here and work another 60 hour week....but, you know, mom and dad would just be so disappointed.


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The Internet -- now with MORE Dan Merrill


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Where are your pictures of you with the "Girls"? We want the smut!!

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